Armenian landscape

The mountainous and beautiful nature of Armenia is known series of highly diverse landscapes. This beauty and harmony is transformed into colors an emotions in paintings of Meruzhan Khachatryan.


General Terms and Conditions of Buying and Shipping 
Welcome dear connoisseurs of high art and customers of my paintings. This important information for you. 
1.Terms and Conditions of Buying 

All paintings prices are presented without shipment price. Cause, all domestic sales on territory republic of Armenia is different to International sales. 
Of course you know and understand that there is a shipment cost and deliver time what is different for different countries. 
All terms of delivering price ad time depends on location of your country or your recipient address. 
So I present prices for paintings have based on the fine art aesthetic quality. You can and you will be sure that exclusive paintings of Armenian painter Meruzhan Khachatryan are the Best for you. 

2.Terms and Conditions of Shipping 

All paintings are painted in Armenia. And my artworks of course are in Armenia. 
I am ready to ship sold item to buyer. 
Before final ordering, if you already have chosen a painting what you like more from my paintings, I recommend you to contact to me to know the details of your chosen painting. For example weight, size etc. 

Any case and any time you can calculate the price and time of deliver of your order by visiting the official site of postal company with whom I ship sold paintings. Please chose your location and weight of item and calculate price and time of deliver of your order on 

("EMS-ARMENIA" service is one of the subsidiaries of "Haypost" CJSC. It provides the delivery of documents and parcels within short terms. EMS represents the Express Mail Service world network in Armenia, which includes 190 member-countries of the Universal Postal Union.) 
For buying any painting contact to me please. 

Best regards ... Meruzhan Khachatryan