Armenian art and craft exhibition in Aleppo 2010



Armenian art and craft exhibition in Aleppo 2010


 The  senior delegation from Armenia  and Armenian diaspora of Syria standing near Meruzhan Khachatryan's pavilion  viewing the Armenian colorful paintings of Armenian painter Meruzhan Khachatryan and the beautiful handmade souvenirs of the Armenian authors.





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I foorgt to mention best part of the video; 9:40 – 11:25the words he speaks and when the Aram song “Masis” begins to play, arden shatov shutov lacs yekav. yes ayl uzum em Araratin gagatic kanqnem im Hay axperneru hetn, ev goram HAYSTAN; bayc eli da anorinakan e mer Hayr Hayk Nahapetic orenqovde inch eli, yes ayl voxjuynum em im angin Hayerinim sax tank Hayerin caver@ tanem


Your postnig really straightened me out. Thanks!

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